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Our feather cushion pads work in harmony with our wide selection of CB Home cushion covers, creating snappily styled yet ultra comfortable cushion combinations. We stock our own high-quality feather cushion pads. Our feather cushion pads come in four different sizes:16 inches x 16 inches (also suitable for 17”)18 inches x 18 inches (also suitable for 19”)22 inches x 22 inches (also suitable for 23”)24 inches x 24 inches (also suitable for 25”) The feather cushion pads are composed of a feather-filled inner which gives maximum comfort while still being durable. These are the ultimate must-have if you love a feather-soft touch while relaxing on the sofa!Feather filling is also a favourable material to use as it provides a softer surface beneath your head. Another advantage is that it can aid with support and recovery as well. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why feather cushion pads are so widely used in cushions today.An important point to watch out for with feather inners is to avoid anything flammable near the cushion pad. This is because it is vulnerable to excess heat or burns.

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