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At Cuthbert & Black we believe that colour is the most important consideration when choosing cushions to dress your sofa, chair, bed or window seat. We like to take time to think about colour — about how it can make you feel and the effect it can have on your surroundings. We know that yellow is a happy and fun colour — lifting your spirits and making you feel enthusiastic, confident and optimistic. It’s also the colour of new ideas — helping you to find new ways of doing things. It’s the lightest colour of the spectrum and is therefore uplifting and illuminating. Autumn leaves, buttercups, daffodils and even Sherbert Lemons are a few things that spring to mind when we think about the colour yellow!Yellow attracts attention and can lift a room’s atmosphere, so if you want something bold and attractive have a look at our Alpha Jacquard gold cushion covers. For a more traditional feel the ochre cushion covers in our Highland Mist range are simple and attractive. Why not complement a statement cushion cover with a plain one? Our plain but elegant Studio piped mustard/ mink cushion covers are a perfect match with the classy stripes of our Princeton Stripe in Yellow/ Ochre.The texture of your cushion covers is important too, so if you’re after a sensuous and tactile feel then our Moulin Velvet gold will press those buttons! And don’t be afraid to mix up your fabrics a bit — the Moulin Velvet range complements the beautifully soft cushion covers in our Chenille range.

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