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At Cuthbert & Black we believe that colour is the most important consideration when choosing cushions to dress your room. We like to take time to think about colour — about how it can make you feel and the effect it can have on your surroundings.There’s a certain majestic quality to the colour purple, more so than any other colour. Long ago purple was the symbol of the elite because the dye itself was so expensive to procure. It was therefore worn a lot by royalty and used in soft furnishings to reflect grandeur and nobility. Nowadays it’s still seen as a majestic colour, although you don’t have to be a royalist to like purple!It’s a really good colour to choose if you want to make a stunning statement. It’s a very potent colour and remains a favourite with those who want a touch of decadence in their room. In the world of feng shui purple is a ‘high vibration’ colour and can be quite overpowering — so best to use it in moderation!We have a great range of purple cushion covers for you, from the aforementioned majestic richness of purple to the warmth and energy giving colour of lavender. If you have a rather bold print on your sofa and chairs then you can complement this with our classic Premium Plain Chenille purple cushion cover. For a more traditional feel our purple and moss tartan cushion cover in our Highland Mist range looks stunning against a plain backdrop.The texture of your cushion covers is important too, so if you’re after a sensuous and tactile feel, as well as a touch of decadence, then our Moulin Velvet purple and Moulin Velvet lavender are the perfect choice. And don’t be afraid to mix up your fabrics a bit — the Moulin Velvet range complements the beautifully soft cushion covers in our Premium Chenille range.

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