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The often underrated minimal look is still a popular trend and will always continue to be so as really extrovert styles can go in and out of fashion. The plain cushion covers at CB-Home offer an understated and subtle style, meaning you can bring something to a room without having it jumping out at you.
A good idea would be to use complementary colours such as blue, orange and white to enrich an already white or cream room. Or if you wanted to be a little more bold without going the whole hog and having bright paisley patterns, why not settle for just a plain but bright colour to accentuate a favourite couch or chair.At CB-Home it is our purpose to help you make your home be all that you want it to be and your own private style haven. We believe you should have both comfort and luxury in the place you love. CB-Home’s plain cushion covers are an excellent way to bring a little more aesthetic focus to a room without overly saturating it. As with all of our cushion covers they are well made, easy on the eye and have their comfort benefits. We want to bring a boldness and fresh feeling to your rooms and our colourful plain cushion covers will not only complement any room they are added to but will indeed bring that room to life.Our plain cushion covers are strong and robust enough to be used for interior decor in various rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms or conservatories, whilst at the same time conveying sumptuousness.CB-Home has a fantastic collection of plain cushion covers for you to choose from in styles such as piped and crushed velvet to highlight a few. They come in a range of sizes from 16in to 24in and have a multitude of colours to choose from such as silver, pink, black or blue, as examples, allowing plenty of variety of to suit your furniture and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a bold colour, a deep colour or a more understated colour then we can supply the perfect match for your style.

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