Our beds are important places. The average person gets about eight hours sleep a night which means that, in our lifetime we will sleep for around 229,961 hours. With this amount of time invested in sleeping, it’s probably worth making sure that the place where you spend it is as comfortable as possible.

With this in mind, CB Home have in stock this great selection of duvet covers. Our selection comes in many different sizes to suit the sort of bed you are wanting to cover. Our sizes are single, double, kingsize, and super kingsize all of which come with two pillowcases apart from the single duvet cover which comes with the one.

Our duvet covers give you everything you could expect from your bed linen — they are soft, comfortable (regardless of tog rating) and affordable. They offer you great value for money and fantastic comfort.

Ultimately, your bedding is important because of the amount of time you spend sleeping. Even if you don’t spend as much as eight hours of sleep a night, it is always worth investing in some nice bedding so that you can get the most out of the hours that you do manage.

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